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frequently asked questions


Q: How much do you charge for your various services

A: Our services costs are dependent on a number of factors.  Some of which are, inter-alia, size of project, detail of project, project requirements, deadlines and urgency of final product/project, complexity of project, and any budgetary constraints that may apply. It’s therefore always best to send us an email with the type of project you have in mind, and we can provide you with an estimate or quote for your requirements, and take it from there.


Q: How long do projects take to complete

A: Again, this is dependent on a number of factors.  However, we do try our very best to give full attention to your project and your requirements and have any mock-ups, and eventually final product available at soonest, for you to review and finalise.


Q: What are the sizes of projects and work undertaken

A: We will undertake any size of project; no matter how small or big.  Whether its assisting you with a home, school or varsity project, or attending to any business-related product you require.


Q: When are final products released to clients?

A:  On final payment, all copyright and ownership is transferred to the client.


However, at times we do provide Gratis services, designs or digital works.  When this occurs, the ownership is retained by our company and never becomes the property of the person for whom the work was created as a "gratis favour".  This is usually done when the person/business is starting out and requires a helping hand, or a boost to their marketing material and approach.   

We do like to assist where we can, but we draw the line at being taken advantage of.   

The work we provide takes time, effort, resources, skill, creativity and often costs us, where we are out of pocket.  

All we ask in return is a respect for the work provided and that it only be used whilst you remain a client of ours.  Thereafter, express permission is required to utilise the works that were not part of a paid service, and therefore carry no entitlement by the recipient, for further utilisation.